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Link, Learn, Lead Institute

The Link Learn Lead Institute is rooted in the outstanding, award-winning programming of The Links, Incorporated in five facet areas:  Services to Youth; The Arts; National Trends & Services; International Trends & Ser- vices; Health and Human Services.  Our curriculum is intentional in devel- oping personal growth and leadership dispositions that address the unmet needs of Black and Latina girls in their junior through senior year of high school.  Programming is implemented in partnership with K-12 schools  and community agencies focused on health, academic success, the arts, financial education, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and economic development.


Our efforts will deliver programming which supports up to 20 participants from Greater Lansing Area high schools over the course of the two-year program. Girls will participate during their junior 
and senior year in highschool and must be a potential first-generation college student; overall high school GPA of approximately 2.5; self-identify as female; and Black/African American or Hispanic/Latino. 


Participants who fully complete the junior and senior year program experience will be guaranteed a $2000 scholarship forpost-secondary studies or vocational training. 


“Sparrow Health System has had the privilege to serve as a community partner with the Lansing/East Lansing Links for the last 10 years. This program will provide much needed scholarships for the youth in our 


- Lori Simon, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging 

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