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 2024-2025 Chapter Officers 

Quinetta Roberson Connally


Tanya Pratt
Vice President

Lisa Bond Brewer
Recording Secretary
Angela Matlock

Beverley Nettles
Program Chair

Ashley Green
Corresponding Secretary

Coffiann Hawthorne
Financial Secretary

 2024-2025 Chapter Members 

Whitney Anderson

Elise Andrews *

Dorinda Carter Andrews

Marta E. Barron *

Teresa Bingman

Kimberley Bishop

Lisa Bond Brewer

Marian Brooks Bryant *

Frankie Brown *

Sylvia Buie*

Rishan Butler*

Rita Canady*

Renee Branch Canady

Octavia Cannon

Shauna Dunnings Chavis

Paula Cunningham *

Helena DuBose *

Patricia Edwards

Alexis Flakes

Glorietta Flakes *

Tenille Gaines

Ashley Green

Barbara Gunnings *

Sonya Gunnings-Moton

Rosa Moss Hargrove *

Coffiann Hawthorne

Alda L. Henderson *

Brenda Henderson *

Janette Henderson *

Carrie B. Jackson *

Lori M. Jackson-Brock

R. Jamille Jackson *

Karen Keys-Turner

Evelyn Lawson *

Mable Martin-Scott

Mary Jane McGuire *

Angela Matlock

Marilyn Moore *

Beverley Nettles

Tanya L. Pratt

Patricia T. Quinn *

Mildred Richardson *

Quinetta Roberson Connally

Tanisha Sanders

Kristen Simmons

Gloria Stephens Smith *

Jo Ellyn Tucker 

LaKeeya Tucker

Elizabeth Turpin *

Jacquelin Warr *

Sabrina Ford Williams

Sheneka Williams

* Alumna Member

For the past 50 years, the women of the Lansing/East Lansing (MI) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated have committed to advancing the quality of life for those in the Greater Lansing Area.  We are a group of women who have established a legacy of outstanding leadership, diverse expertise, and unlimited abilities…grounded in the power of partnerships with community stakeholders.  We place tremendous value on investing in the development of future women leaders and the need to “grow our own” within our community.  Most importantly, we recognize the responsibility to put our resources and talents into Compassionate Practice.

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